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PHOENIX – Stainless Steel Grill


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PHOENIX – Stainless Steel Riveted Grill Head Mounted on an Open Stainless Steel 4-Legged Cart, Stainless Steel Drop Down Shelves

  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum drip pan prevents flare-ups, diffusing heat evenly across the cooking surface
  • Versatile grill allows for grilling, steaming, roasting, or smoking
  • Dual stainless steel burner with independent controls for separate left and right heat zones allow cooking over indirect heat
  • Galvanized bucket and solid brass valve provide easy draining and disposal of the drip pan fluids
  • Designed like the celebrated Holland Grill with nearly no flare-ups while grilling

Built with quality in mind, the American made Phoenix SD complete outdoor cooking system is easy enough for a beginner to use and has enough features for the serious griller. This Phoenix, US made, riveted style grill is designed to let you do it all: grill, roast, steam and smoke. Each side of the stainless steel, oval-shaped dual burner is controlled individually and together provides up to 25,000 BTUs of precise heat. The solid brass dual valve allows you to adjust your grill as low as 250 degrees for slow cooking, or turn it up to 500 degrees for high heat grilling. The adjustable vents on the top of the grill allow you to maintain and control the air flow while cooking. For steaming, close the drain valve, fill the cast aluminum drip pan that sits above the burner with liquid of your choice and set the burner to high to steam vegetables or seafood. The heat rises around the drip pan, making it virtually free of flare-ups. With the electric ignition with stainless steel gas collector box, you can easily light the grill using one AAA battery. The stainless steel diamond pattern cooking mesh grid provides 400 square inches of cooking space and prevents food from falling through. The stainless steel grill head is riveted for added durability and has a Sta-Kool swiveling stainless steel handle to easily and safely open the lid, the hood has stainless steel heat indicator to monitor temperatures. The stainless steel cart includes two stainless steel side shelves with tool hooks and two 8-inch rubber wheels. Clean up is easy with the cast aluminum drip pan and collection bucket.



Fuel Type

LP – Liquid Propane

Cooking Style

Grill, Sear, Smoke, Steam