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Le Griddle 16″ Wee Griddle – Electric


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Enjoy the benefits of healthy, French-style griddle cooking with the Le Griddle electric griddle, designed for built-in installation or countertop use. Featuring a professional-style 304 stainless steel griddle surface and components, the Le Griddle 16-inch Wee Electric Griddle offers excellent heat distribution thanks to a 1/2-inch thick enameled cast iron sub-plate below the cooking surface. An 1800 W heating element provides even heat across the entire 1/8-inch thick stainless steel cooking surface. Cleanup is easy with the removable griddle plate and grease collection tray, designed to capture oil and fat for simple disposal. The Wee Electric Griddle is great for indoor or outdoor use with the proper clearance to combustibles, and requires a grounded 120 VAC power outlet.


Le Griddle

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Grill, Sear